Moving Day

Småkassen moved out of our home!

by Mark Nijhof

As a parent we all know the day will come when the kids move out. For some this comes sooner than others, myself I lived a long time at home, but we had a lot of room and a good parent/child relation. At least, I keep telling myself that, but one can't stop wondering why my mom cheered when we told her we were moving to Norway...

Anyway it is something that often comes with mixed feelings, on the one end it is sad of course, it is your baby moving out, maybe even scary. On the other hand it is also great as they are growing up, moving on. You know, living their own life.

This week, after only 5 super short months, Småkassen moved out of our home! We found a perfect place only 100 meters from our home, so we won't be strangers. When we started this adventure we had no idea that things would go this fast. I mean we knew it would happen and hopefully before one of our actual kids would move out, but this is fast, and scary, and fun and not a moment too soon as this was waiting for us the next day.

Yeah, that is 545 of our lovely trekasser (wooden boxes).
Yeah, that is 545 of our lovely trekasser (wooden boxes).

We got a lot of good feedback and already sent out nearly 250 Småkasser to different families all over Norway, but this is a minimal commitment of 2 years to rent a place, so yeah this is still a bit scary.

We love working from home, it gives so much flexibility, but we live in a 79m2 house together with our 5 kids, and the last 2 days I have moved 3 vans full with clothing, ect out of the house into the new place. Saying it was getting a bit crammed at home is putting it mildly. It feels really great to now be able to walk in a straight line through the living room and not having to do acrobatics to turn on/off the lights. It is still a small house, but wow did we suddenly get a lot of free space.

The new home of Småkassen is mainly a place for us to pack Småkassen and have all our inventory readily handy, I will also be able to take pictures of new clothing pieces there, and finally if you are in the area then you are of course also welcome to come and visit us and buy a Småkassen in person.

Btw buying one in person still means that it will be a surprise, the concept remains the same.

Two new sizes of our lovely trekassen.
Two new sizes of our lovely trekassen.

We have already packed several Småkassen in the new place, and we are looking forward to welcome you here as well.

-Mona & Mark