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Småkassen pris

How do we calculate what value someone gets in their Småkassen?

When you go to a normal shop/webshop and put together a nice set with clothing yourself it is easy, you buy a body, tights, a romper and maybe a cardigan and that adds up to a certain amount which you pay. Would you next time arrange a different set then the amount you pay will be different as well.

But with Småkassen this doesn't work that way, a large kassen always costs kr. 1.999,- regardless of the specific clothing pieces inside. So at Småkassen we solve this problem by saying that, you get at least the value you have paid in clothing, toys or other useful things.


We try to have a solution for most budgets while not compromising on the quality of the clothing we select for your Småkassen. A Småkassen starts at kr. 1.499 and goes all the way up to kr. 4.499 all depending on how much money you want to spend on quality clothing for your child.

An example kassen

Ok so let's look at an example off how this process works. Let's say a customer wants a large kassen (kr. 1.999,-). Based on the selected styles Mona finds and combines different clothing items into sets until the value of the kassen has been reached (items and prices are fictive to best illustrate the example):

Set 1:
- tights kr. 199,-
- body kr. 249,-
- romper kr. 549,-

Set 2:
- pants kr. 249,-
- shirt kr. 349,-
- cardigan kr 599,-

Total: kr. 2.194,-

As you can see in this example the kassen has nearly kr. 200,- extra value.

About 5-15 % additional value

We find that on average our kassen contain about 10 % more value than what the customer pays us, but this 10 % number is not a fixed rule. This is because different brands have different prices, and even similar items from the same brand often have different prices.

Let's instead put Set 1 in a small kassen of kr. 1.099,-.

Set 1:
- tights kr. 199,-
- body kr. 249,-
- romper kr. 549,-

Total: kr. 997,-

So here the clothing hasn't reached the value the customer has paid for the kassen which is kr. 1.099,-. What we do now is we add a nice toy or something else useful. Maybe we will add a small teddybear (kr. 179,-) making the total kr. 1.176,- or about 7 % extra value.

If you choose to receive our lovely trekassen then that is an additional value of about kr. 150,- that you get on top of what you get in clothing and other things.

You don't always get a toy or something useful

It really depends how much the different sets with clothing cost whether or not you get a toy in the kassen as well. We do our best to at least give you complete sets with clothing so that you wouldn't have to find something yourself. This is not always possible but we prfioritize that over adding a toy. For example in the large kassen shown earlier no toy was added because that kassen already has about 10 % extra value.

Having said that we are playing with the idea of always adding something fun for the child as well.

We use retail prices

When doing these calculations we always use the retail prices that the brands give us. Instead of putting items on sale at different times a year we decided to always give you more value, based on the retail price, than you have paid for, regardless of the time of year. This way you don't need to worry about potential future discounts when you order a Småkassen.

I hope that this post is useful for determining whether or not Småkassen is the right choice for you :-)

-Mona & Mark