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Max budget, not a fixed price

The price you select is the maximum you want to spend not a fixed price for the delivery. What that means is that we will select clothing for you up till the maximum you selected including the discount when you keep everything.

Say you select a budget of kr. 2490 then we can give you clothing for a max value of kr. 2776. Because when we take 10 % off kr. 2776 then you get kr. 2498 which is below your max budget.


It is very hard (impossible really) to select clothing that exactly matches your budget. All different items have different prices, even from the same brand. So the discount gives us a bit of extra room to find the perfect outfits for your child without going over your budget.

Having said that we sometimes stay below the budget you set if that matches better in regards to your delivery. We would not just include something to fill up your bugded if we didn't think you would love it.

Price range

Currently you can select a budget from kr. 1499 till kr. 4999 per child per delivery, and you can change this for every delivery so that it best matches your current needs.

When do I pay?

In most cases we either reserve the money on your account or send the invoice when we send the Småkassen to you, but f.ex. Sofort and iDEAL don't offer this option so there the money will be transferred directly to us.

Why do you work with refunds?

We have to work with refuds as we don't know upfront how much you are going to keep from the delivery and thus we don't know the final price.



Say you set the max budget to kr. 2499 which means Mona can find clothing for you for maximally kr. 2776 and based on that and your profile she finds the following items:

- kr. 699 Shirley Bredal - Jumpsuit
- kr. 498 Lilleba - Playsuit (+ 25 % extra discount)
- kr. 369 MarMar - Body (+ 25 % extra discount)
- kr. 305 MarMar - Pants (+ 25 % extra discount)
- kr. 169 MeMini - Tights
- kr. 399 MeMini - Overall
- kr. 249 MeMini - Body
- kr. 319 Småfolk - Body
- kr. 2714 Total value delivered

You'll notice some items have an extra discount, this is because this delivery includes items from a previous season for an extra discount.

Example 1

Let's say you like everything that Mona has found for you, YAY! So we take the kr. 2714 minus the 10 % discount which would result in a final bill of kr. 2442. But since you already paid kr. 2499 it would mean we would refund you kr. 57.

Example 2

Oh no, your child (or you) really didn't fancy the Shirley Bredal Jumpsuit at kr. 699. So you decide to return that. In that case we take the kr. 2714 minus kr. 699 which results in a final bill of kr. 2015. And since you already paid kr. 2499 we would refund you kr. 484.

Example 3

Now let's say Mona hadn't included the MeMini Overall at kr. 399 as it didn't match your preferences. In that case the total value we would have delivered was kr. 2315. Now you like everything Mona selected for you, in which case we would apply the 10 % discount which would result in a final bill of kr. 2083. This would mean kr. 2499 minus kr. 2083 so a refund of kr. 416.

Not clear?

Please let us know if anything here is not clear or if you have other questions.

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