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Del og vinn!

Join the competition to win your next Småkassen!

Every so often we will give away one Småkassen to a lucky member of the Småkassen family in our “Members Only” competition. By default everybody who has an active subscription will get a ticket in this competition.

We don’t like the more traditional way of arranging a giveaway. Our philosophy is that the current members of the Småkassen family should be the ones rewarded, not some complete random stranger that just wrote their name in a comment. So that is why we are giving away the Småkassen to our existing subscribers.

The Småkassen you can win is the same size as the last Småkassen you ordered.

And yes, this means that you can only enter the competition when you are in fact a member of the Småkassen family. And as a bonus, you don’t need to do a thing.

Share because you care

If you love what we do then we would really appreciate it if you helped us grow the Småkassen family. Maybe tell a friend or share something on your preferred social media account. An other way that really helps is if you would share a picture of your child or the Småkassen with us so we can share your experience with our followers.

A bigger family will make Småkassen a more sustainable business which in turn will allow us to do more for you, everybody wins.

Happy unpacking.

-Mona and Mark